Best Performing Mutual Funds

The investment sector has now become one of the most exciting financial segments. This sector has been filled with wide investment options for people to invest their money in. There are different areas that an investor can put their money in but one of the most profitable is the mutual fund segment. By investing in some of the best performing mutual funds you can have a great return on investment and also find peace of mind. This is also one of the most secure areas in the current financial segment. The top mutual funds come with consistent performance and reliability. One of the best ways is to get in touch with an asset management company to come across the highest performing mutual funds.

How to invest in Mutual Funds?

Mutual fund is a financial pool where money is pooled in from different investors or sources. This pool is created by an asset management company which in turn invests this money into different financial instruments. The asset management company finds the best performing mutual funds which may include debt, equity, securities etc. The asset management company would guide you through the top mutual funds in the present market. You may compare different highest performing mutual funds within different segments and accordingly invest your money in an instrument which would give the highest yield.

Some of the examples of common investment areas are equities, liquid funds, debt etc. The return on best performing mutual funds can vary from one to another. For example, the top mutual funds with highest returns are the equities. However the risk associated with this option is also greater.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a safer investment with next to no risk, the investor may choose the liquid funds. Since this kind of mutual funds are associated with treasury bills, government securities, commercial papers etc. they are safer than most other options.

These liquid funds can also be said to be the top mutual funds because of their short maturity term. The maturity term can be as less as three months. Return on investment may also go up to 7.5-8.0% annually.

Top 10 Mutual Funds to Invest

Returns% (NAV as on 13 Nov, 2017)
Type Mutual Funds 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Balanced L&T - India Prudence Fund (G) 21.4 15.4 13.8 18.8
Large Mirae - Asset India Opp Fund Reg (G) 29.3 22.0 15.0 21.2
Large SBI Blue Chip fund 21.9 16.2 12.9 18.9
Small Reliance Small Cap (G) 42.9 27.5 22.8 32.0
Small L&T - Mid Cap Fund (G) 41.3 29.0 22.8 28.9
Multi cap Aditya Birla SL - Adv Fund Reg (G) 29.1 23.7 18.1 23.1
Midcap Mirae - Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Reg (G) 33.8 28.0 23.6 30.6
Midcap Aditya Birla SL - Pure Value Fund Reg (G) 39.0 28.8 20.7 29.6
ELSS Reliance - Tax Saver (G) 32.7 21.9 13.4 22.6
ELSS Aditya Birla SL - Tax Relief 96 Fund ELSS Reg (G) 31.2 20.6 16.9 22.1